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Technical Assistance Missions

What are TAM?

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) are part of the HERE activities, managed by the SPHERE (Support and Promotion for Higher Education Reform Experts) team, a consortium consisting of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the European University Association (EUA) and acting as service provider for the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA).

What are the objectives of TAM?

TAM provide targeted assistance to National Erasmus+ Offices (NEO) and HERE teams in Partner countries neighbouring the EU. In essence, a TAM is the provision of an international expert for the period of 1.5 - 2 working days. What exactly the experts provide is subject to the needs of the NEO and the HEREs, regarding the themes, activities and also the format. The activities should be part of the national work plan for the HERE and/or part of the planned general higher education reform process underway in a specific country.  A TAM must provide a clear added value with regards to national higher education reform objectives.

How many TAM can each country get?

Each HERE country is entitled to approximately two TAM a year, though this may vary depending on demand and on the quality of applications received. In the 2017 call, NEOs can submit up to five proposals. NEOs should consider their capacity to organise TAM and ensure that those submitted are feasibly organised.

It should be noted that a TAM is not necessarily equivalent to one event (seminar or conference). NEOs and HEREs should think of the TAM in terms of the expert, and what this expert could contribute. As such, the TAM accorded each year could be organised in various ways, for example:

  • one expert who provides several visits on the same topic (participating in a seminar and then a follow-up visit),
  • two experts participating in one mission at the same time (and both contributing to the same event)
  • several neighbouring countries pool their TAM to organise one large regional event with several experts.

It should be stressed again that, ideally, TAM should be done in the context of meetings, events, projects and other activities that are already being planned. 

Guide for Preparing Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)

Call for proposals 2017

Technical Assistance Mission (TAM) Request Form 2017