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National Erasmus+ Office is planning to publish the next publication “Erasmus+ in Uzbekistan (2017)” covering all completed and on-going Tempus IV (2007-2013) and Erasmus+ CBHE, ICM projects in Uzbekistan (www.erasmusplus.uz).

The publication will present the achievements of cooperation with the EU universities, sustainability of project results and their impact on development of higher education system in Uzbekistan. 

We kindly ask you to submit the papers, containing analysis of project results from three perspectives:

  • Local project partners, - university professors/faculty members, administrative personnel;

  • EU partners, project grant-holders/coordinators and partners/professors/faculty members;

  • Target groups - students, trainees and trained teachers and industry partners, as well.

Photos and internet links can also be included in your papers in order to make them more informative. Note that all photos and figures included in your paper should have clear description notes beneath. Please consider that authors are responsible for the provided material (text’s originality, photo permission, using web links etc.). We suggest authors before submitting materials for publication to make sure that the text is original (if needed with proper referring to the source). The group photo should be agreed with the respective people.

Please note that your papers will be reviewed. If content and quality of your papers do not meet minimum requirements, we may contact you requesting to modify the paper.

The language of your publications can be either English or Russian or Uzbek. Abstracts in 3 languages: Russian, Uzbek and English should be respectively provided for each paper.

We are expecting at least 2 papers from each project with minimum of 3 pages long. More papers are welcome.

Formatting requirements on papers are:

1. The title page should include a descriptive title, author(s) name(s), affiliations and contacts (email).

2. Text Fonts in Times New Roman, 12pt, single spaced.

3. To leave spaces 1.5sm-2.5sm-2.5sm-1.5sm from top-bottom-right-left.

4. Photos must be in minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher resolution. Also, photos must have descriptive texts (e.g. who are in the photo, what the activities and where the activities are taken place) underneath.

5. Please also, check the file called Paper_Example for title, abstract and text formatting, and adding photos, tables, references, etc. The previous publications are downloadable on http://erasmusplus.uz/publication/NEO-publications/index.htm  


Deadline for submission of papers is 10 September 2017.




Email for correspondence is: book@erasmusplus.uz

Your contributions via your papers will be of great value for your local and European colleagues in implementation of their projects and establishment of new contacts for future cooperation in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Thank you for your collaboration and contribution in making Tempus programme visible and sustainable in Uzbekistan that will be useful for development of new Erasmus+ project proposals.

We will be looking forward to your papers to be published in our publication: Erasmus+ in Uzbekistan (2017).