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Partner search

Where can I find partners?  Is there a partners' search tool for CBHE action?

"Erasmus+ Project Results" is the Erasmus+ platform for dissemination and exploitation of project results. You can find there project information and results of all projects supported by the European Commission under the integrated Erasmus+ Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

The CBHE action also builds on the results of previous EU funded projects, such as those under the former Alfa, Edulink, Erasmus Mundus and Tempus programmes:

Please note that the specificity of the Capacity Building in Higher Education action relies on the relevance of the projects with the national/regional priorities set by the national authorities of the target countries. In order to be selected, the specific thematic of your project should above all comply with the national/ regional priorities set from your Partner Countries and this is an important aspect to check when establishing the country target group for your project. You can find the list of these priorities on the Key action 2-Capacity building in field higher education 2018 Funding webpages (section "Guidelines").


For target partner search in the framework of Erasmus+ project, it is convenient to use a special form (Partner search form 2019). It is necessary to indicate PIC (validated) in it, substantiate the project idea, liasion with priorities, etc.