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Guidelines for organising the monitoring visit with examples of questions to be discussed


The visit should cover the following elements:

The monitoring of the project implementation:

This part of the meeting will assess the implementation and management strategy followed by the project team(s) in order to reach the project's objectives, and the progress made in the project's implementation.

Tempus/CBHE aims to promote voluntary convergence of HEI systems in the partner countries with EU policies and processes in higher education. Therefore special attention should be paid to the European dimension of the project and how it addresses the Bologna action lines (European Credit Transfer System—ECTS, Diploma supplement, learning outcomes, three–cycle system, Dublin descriptors).

The participation will include the key actors in the project team as well as stakeholders and/or target groups if relevant (in particular for projects involving student/staff mobility and training)

The issues to be addressed will concern:

Ø  The organisation of the project team(s) within the partnership in terms of decision making bodies (composition, periodicity of meetings, coverage of the partnership agreement), distribution and monitoring of tasks (responsibility for the different work packages), stability of the teams (/changes as compared to key actors in the application), communication methods, etc. Special attention should be paid to the involvement of all project teams in implementing different work packages, and not only for which they are responsible for.

Ø  Presentation of the activities carried out and results achieved as compared the original application in terms of timing (has the original calendar been respected and if not, why and how will the delays be addressed), nature and quality of the outputs produced so far, involvement of (/awareness raising towards) the different stakeholders and target groups, , etc. Special attention should be paid to the methodology of project implementation that should be agreed on at either the kick-off meeting, or at a separate methodology workshop. This specifically concerns the JP on curricula development.

Ø  Particular attention will be given to the impact (/visibility) of the project in the partner country institutions (and their local /regional/ national environment). Aspects related to the project dissemination and sustainability strategy, and to the activities carried out so far in this respect (including a presentation of the project website) should be addressed.