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Success Story of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship winner: Javlon Mamanazirov

Success Story of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship winner: Javlon Mamanazirov

My full name is Mamanazirov Javlon Ismoilovich and I am a one of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship winners. I was born on January 8th, 1996 in Namangan region, Narin district, in a family of intellectuals. Almost all of us in our family have higher education diploma and have graduated from prestigious universities. That is why I have known since my childhood how valuable and important the field of science is for the future. I started my study from 2002 at Secondary School No. 31 in Namangan region. In 2011 I decided to continue my study at the 1st academic lyceum of Namangan city in the field of specific sciences as math and physics and graduated in 2014. In 2014 I accepted at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek in the framework of Physics. In addition, while study years I was working for the Institute of Materials Science as a minor scientist on a project “to develop a technology for the production of solid oxide fuel elements” which is new step in the field of electricity production.


I was able to find information about ERASMUS MUNDUS as I am looking for opportunities to study in the field of material science and engineering. And I realized that my theoretical and practical knowledges will be a good foundation for a master’s degree in materials science and engineering. My bachelor’s researches covered many disciplines that include the internal properties of materials and their effects on properties. I wanted to develop my career and finally the results of these researches further increased my interest to FAME+ which one of the framework of Erasmus Mundus project, and I planned to achieve my master’s degree with the Erasmus+. For this reason I chose the FAME + program to continue my research. Furthermore I am interested in this program because I want to increase my theoretical knowledge through the practicing in accordance with European standards. Plus, I have an interest in studying the culture of European countries. Moreover, this gives me a great opportunity to learn French and German languages through communicating with native people.

To apply for Erasmus I passed three major steps, one of this uploading my documents, this covered any essential documents from passport to motivation letter. Second step is carried out with only successfully passed applicants from first step. They invited me an interview via zoom, while this I was asked some scientific questions. I remember one of this question about Solid state Chemistry, SEM, XRD so on, actually it depends on the field which you choose. Finely I was emailed by Erasmus Mundus about I accepted, after finishing funding processes.


The motivation and recommendation letters are very important and these must be based on strong points in order to reach success. You have to perform your all powerful aspects as more as you can. And very important point is that you must able to respond why you choose this program and what you can do if scholarship will be given you. And never forget that the first reason you reach success in this field is only by God, make an effort and you can achieve everything you want.