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Interview with a newly selected Erasmus Mundus Joint Master 2019 scholarship winner

Interview with a newly selected Erasmus Mundus Joint Master 2019 scholarship winner

We are pleased to introduce one of 18 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) scholarship winners in 2019, Mr Otabek Akromov. Here below you can read the interview conducted with Mr Akromov. We hope his best practice and advice will be useful for you. 

1. Brief biography (information about yourself): I am Otabek Akromov, BA in International Relations, University of World Economy and Diplomacy.

2. How did you find out about this programme? I heard from my friends who have gone on further education through Erasmus+

3. What is your major and selected Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme?  IMSISS: International Master in Security, Intelligence and Security Studies (Security Studies) offered by three European universities – University of Glasgow (UK); Dublin City University (Ireland); and Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). (http://securityintelligence-erasmusmundus.eu/)

4. What was your motivation to apply for Erasmus+?  Generous funding and that studying at various consortium universities introduce diverse perspectives so nurtures impartiality in approaching a task.

5. Please talk about the application process: requirements, challenges.  IMSISS requires from prospective students to earn at least 2:1 diploma and you should have studies a relevant course in order to be competitive with other applicants; English requirement IELTS overall 6.5 and each component no less than 6.0.

6. What do you think what was your strong point for being accepted to the grant?  I have tailored my application package to one point — security. Whatever I put in my CV or Statement of Purpose was all about International relations (IR) and security studies. For example, the whole list of my articles online and my book published in New York were on Security and IR, my internships and etc.

7. What are the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme: financial, organisational and other supports?  It attracts with its generous funding which breaks the stereotype — «no money-no study».

8. What are you expecting from studying in Europe?  I am expecting to boil in a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, delve into European academia and experience various European countries.

9. What are your tips/ recommendations for future applicants?  All the tips are on the official page of IMSISS, but many ignore them or read inattentively, so read it carefully. Tailor your documents to a programme and do not one send application package to different programmes as most likely you will be rejected. Make a strong introduction in your statement of purpose and do not exaggerate your essay with such everyday phrases «I want to make the world a better place to live».

Mr Akromov will be our guest in the National Erasmus+ Office on 6 August at 14.00! Don't miss your chance! Obtain firsthand information and be one of Erasmus Mundus students!!!!  

Our address: National Erasmus+ Office in Uzbekistan 

Tashkent, International Business Center (Bodomzor metro station), Block C, 5th floor