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Interview with Erasmus Mundus 2021 Scholarship winner: Narzullaev Muslikhiddin

Interview with Erasmus Mundus 2021 Scholarship winner: Narzullaev Muslikhiddin

1.    Brief biography (information about yourself).

My name is Narzullaev Muslikhiddin and I am from Samarkand.  I have studied my bachelor’s at Tashkent State Agrarian University in agriculture. I have made several start-up projects, participated and nominated high places in different challenges such as “BestSoftChallenge-2017”, “Start-up initiatives” and “BigIdeaChallenge-2019”. In 2019, I studied my summer semester at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University with Erasmus+ exchange program.

2.   What is your major and selected Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme?  What was your motivation to apply for Erasmus+?

Nowadays I am studying at Ghent University in Soil Science and Global Change (IMSOGLO) program of EMJMD. As I said above my background is agriculture, before starting this program I have worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, seeing that it has pushed me to study more and more about agriculture and this program was very suitable for me to improve my knowledge in this sphere.

3.    Please talk about the application process: requirements, challenges.

If we talk about requirements so applicants should upload motivation letter, two reference letters, diploma and transcript of records (legalized) and IELTS certificate with minimum 6.5 band. The most challenging process was for me is getting IELTS certificate. Because I had limited time to get it, only one month, at the same time I was working as well. So I would recommend applicants to get it until application process starts, it is about until November. 

4.     What do you think what was your strong point for being accepted to the grant?

I think several points helped me to be a grand holder such as my achievements that I have got in 4 years, working experience and also motivation letter. Because, I have illustrated everything clearly, about background what is my aim of studying this program and future plans.

5.     What are the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme: financial, organisational and other supports?

Firstly, as you know it is fully funded program, everything is supported by the program, secondly, you will be able to study at high-ranked universities and get high quality education, thirdly networking, you can make different friends around the world and finally traveling, you have great chance to travel around the Europe and widen your horizon.

6.     What are you expecting from studying in Europe?

I hope I will get enough knowledge and gain experience and put in to practice in my country.

7. Can you give some tips to write a motivation letter?

·     Be natural: you must not write the things, which you have never done, explain about yourself as you are.

·     Be clear: link your background to your present and link it to your future plans and support with statements. E.g: My background is agriculture, nowadays I am working at the agriculture company Agromart, and here I have acknowledged that there is lack of specialists in this sphere, so I am going to study my master’s in agriculture.

8. What are your tips/ recommendations for future applicants?

- Set a clear goal, goal should not be to win the scholarship but why you should study this program.

- When some friends ask me how they can apply for the program, I always say let’s get your IELTS certificate then I can guide you, no way. So, first and foremost get language certificate.