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Erasmus+ Week

Erasmus+ Week

The purpose of the event was to discuss the contribution of programmes over the 25 years of intensive cooperation with European Union countries. For instance, the most intensive cooperation with European Union countries in higher education was carried out in the framework of the Tempus (1994-2013) and Erasmus Mundus (2007-2014) programmes, and from 2014 it continued as part of their successor Erasmus+ programme.

The continuous contribution of the programme to the development and modernisation of higher education in the republic is clearly represented by the scope of its activities. Currently, 65 universities from all regions of the republic and Karakalpakstan have experience in participating in Erasmus+ projects and partnership activities.

Each day was dedicated to a special topic and relevant events were organised in two different HEIs. On the first day NEO arranged Erasmus+ Information Day and Erasmus+ projects fair where presentations on the cooperation opportunities within Erasmus+ programme were provided and distributed information/promotion materials were distributed to participants.

Following days, Erasmus+ information session, the events under the name of “Erasmus+ ICM partnership opportunities”, The Youth forum, Erasmus Mundus alumni stories and opportunities for individuals were actively attended during the who;e Erasmus+ Week.

In order to extend the audience, Erasmus+ broadcast and quizzes were transmitted via local radio wave UZ24 which works in Uzbek language.

During the whole event, there were available photo and video materials on social pages Instagram and Facebook where project Erasmus+ CBHE and CBHY projects team members and ICM mobility participants were able to watch media publications.

Moreover, there was organised an interesting quiz between the sessions where attendees showed their knowledge on Erasmus+ programme and received amazing gifts.

The National Team of HEREs also actively contributed to the effectiveness of the week. 2 HEREs from regions organised Erasmus+ information seminars in five less active HEIs of Nukus and Namangan.

Considering the motivational effect of this kind of events, we decided to organise a series of seminars in the same format in the beginning of May 2020, involving even more country regions.